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Lessons of toddlerhood … and motherhood.

Lately when Cub gets upset, he’ll pick something up and throw it.  And he knows throwing things in anger is not the way to respond.  We’ve been working on this for weeks now.

But a little while ago, when I talked to him through the video monitor and asked him to stop kicking in his crib (we share walls with a neighbor), he picked up Bear and another stuffed animal and threw them to the floor.  He immediately regretted throwing Bear, because he got up and tried to retrieve Bear again through the crib slats.  But Bear was too big.  He wouldn’t fit.  After one final attempt to pull Bear in, he dropped Bear, and Bear rolled away out of reach.

And Cub started crying.  Such a sad cry that sent a pang to my heart.

I debated several times whether I should go up and help put Bear back in his crib.  But another part of me really wanted him to learn to think before he acts.  Even at the cost of rescuing Bear this one nap.  So I stayed downstairs with an aching heart.

I still can’t decide if I made the right decision … I’m never quite sure if it’s robbing him of a valuable lesson that’s better learned now under my care … or if it’s denying him grace.  So many small parenting decisions like this every day.

God help me to be a wise, loving, far-sighted mother.

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