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Praying like breathing.

I’ve been reminded lately of my need to pray.  I was especially reminded of this as I was holding Pup and looking into his little face, wondering what his life and legacy will be.  I need to be a praying mother.

Repentance over personal sin.  Power for persisting sin. Salvation of our kids.  Protection of our kids.  Long, faithful love in marriage.  Aging parents.  Separated parents.  Depressed loved ones.  Unsaved loved ones.  Not to be overcome by evil but to overcome evil with good.  Tentative plans against an uncertain future.  Church family.  Love for the Lord.  Hunger for His Word.  Things that make me anxious.  Things that steal my affections.  Things that need to be committed again and again and again to the Lord.  The nations.  His glory.

What good is anything I do if I do not pray?  Prayer changes hearts.  Prayer warms and gives life to my otherwise cold tasks.  Prayer gives power to my efforts.  Prayer is evidence that I not only serve God, study God, worship God, and fear God … but that I love God.  And that I live on Him.

To make praying like breathing.  To seek my Abba’s face continually in prayer about everything.

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