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Snippets of life — mostly of Cub.

Today while I was eating lunch with Cub, I started acting silly and had him cracking up.  After five minutes or so of me acting funny, he suddenly got really concerned and asked in a slightly panicked voice, “Umma?  Umma?”  And when I looked at him and smiled like my normal self, he relaxed.  Like whew, she’s still in there.

Later we were drawing different foods together (rice, egg, strawberry, etc.), and he jumped up and ran to the kitchen looking for watermelon.  We ran out, so I drew him one instead.  He picked at the drawing and kept asking in a desperate voice, “Hold it?  Hold it?”

Pup started laughing last week.  I’ve only heard him laugh twice, but it’s one of the sweetest sounds in the world to me — a deeper laugh that kind of gurgles at the back of his throat.

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