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Coram Deo.

Today, I was feeling a little disappointed about an engagement that didn’t work out.  I’d been looking forward to two of my closest friends visiting and meeting Pup, but one of their kids got sick, so it didn’t work out.  A trifle, but it was dear to me.

And I thought about a family situation that has prevented my grandparents and other loved ones from meeting Pup — he’s nearly three months now — and my sore-heartedness bloomed some more.

Then Pup woke up from his nap.  As I held him, I looked into his face, and he smiled so, so happily at me.  And my disappointment melted away as I soaked in his little face’s ray of joy.

Before Your face, disappointment and sorrow and regret melt away.  Before Your face, trifles become exactly that — trifles.  In Your presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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