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Cub’s first time camping.

Cub went camping at Del Valle for the first time with JE, Uncle Tim, and Em last Friday-Saturday.  The mamas and littles joined for dinner and then left to spend the night at home.  By the time I left, Cub was already covered in dirt.  I had a hard time finding a clean spot on his face to kiss him goodbye.

Cub had a couple meltdowns — one on the way there and one on Saturday morning.  It wouldn’t be a two-year old camping trip without a two-year old tantrum, would it? ;]

JE showed him the stars at night.  They sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together.  Hehe.

Uncle Tim bought the boys little flashlights.  Cub’s is green.  He was so excited.

He was so excited to sleep in the tent.  He rolled around for an hour and a half, bouncing off the tent walls, before falling asleep.  He kept saying, “Umma, byebye!  No kicking.  No crying.  No jumping.”  (The last three are things we tell him when he’s napping in his crib — we share walls with our neighbor.)  As he started to get tired, he snuggled nose-to-nose with JE.

He face-planted in the middle of the night off his mattress and cried.  No other nightly mishaps, thankfully, though he took up so much space, completely sprawled out in their two-man tent, that JE hardly slept because he didn’t want to shift Cub or move and wake him up.  Haha.

Cub woke with the sun around 6:30.  He sat straight up and said, “Umma, byebye!” and then “Out? Out?”

He explored as soon as JE let him out.  JE said he was exhausted running after him.  Cub’s second meltdown happened shortly after this, probably from being so tired.

He was totally happy again once they got to the lake.  He played in the water and then knocked out as soon as his head hit the carseat on the way back.

When they got back, we all napped until 6 pm.  Hahaha.  (Pup and I had been at the bridal shower earlier that afternoon.)  It was sweet to be back together again.

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