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Little look of love.

What a beautiful thing God created when He created breastfeeding.  Holding a helpless baby close to your heart to feed and cuddle at the same time.  The perfect angle to gaze into newborn, oblivious eyes that slowly transform into infant, adoring eyes.

We’re at the infant, adoring eyes stage now.

While Pup is nursing, his eyes will slowly make their way over to my gaze.  And he’ll smile and lose his feeding momentum for a while.  Then he’ll continue eating with his eyes fixed on me, his pursed, nursing lips often giving way to a wide, toothless smile.

That little look has to be one of the purest looks of love in this world, humanly-speaking.  No timidity or love checked by self-consciousness.  Just pure baby adoration.

Enjoying this stage with Pup so. much.

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