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Show up every day … for what?

Show up every day.  Put in time every day, practicing, giving time, even if you aren’t feeling “inspired.”  Basically, be tenacious.  That’s how you learn a craft, refine a skill, become excellent in what you do.

But show up every day … for what?  That’s something I’ve been wondering lately.  My first earthly responsibilities are as wife, mother, and COO of our home.  That leaves little leftover time lately.  So with that remaining time, what do I “show up” for?  Writing?  Calligraphy?  Other ministries, hobbies, recreation?  Or is it best if I devote any and all spare time to Bible study, meditation, memorization…?

Lots of trade-offs in this season of life.  No answers here.  But wrestling still with questions of which trade-offs are worthwhile, how my time is best spent, and what would best honor God right now.  And still wrestling with the idea of sacred vs. secular work.  I know the Puritans argued there was no distinction.  I agree in part, in theory.  But still grappling with what that means.

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