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Awfuls and bacon.

For several months now, we’ve had a waffles + bacon Saturday morning tradition.  I think it started with me being very pregnant and JE wanting to let me sleep in on Saturdays.  So he’d take Cub down in the morning and make waffles and bacon for us.

Even after Pup’s birth, the tradition has continued, and Cub knows that when appa is home for the weekend, we eat waffles. Cub will greet him with, “Good.  Mor-ning!  Awfuls? Awfuls?”  Or sometimes he skips the polite greeting and goes straight to, “Awfuls?  Awfuls?”

When I eventually come down for breakfast after nursing Pup or sleeping in a little longer, Cub will already be in his booster seat eating waffle scraps and bacon, and then JE and I will eat awfuls, bacon, and see-up (syrup) together. :]

I’m excited to start little traditions like this with our family.  Usually if I’m excited about something, I’ll say something like, “Let’s do this every week!” or “Let’s start to do this every [holiday]!”  And JE will laugh at me and say, “There you go making rules again.”  But this Saturday morning tradition has continued even without my making-of-rules … haha … and I hope it continues.

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