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Cuddle days are limited.

Today while I was looking at Cub, I realized how much he’s grown up in the past few months.  He’s not quite 2.5 and still has hints of rolls here and there, but they’re slowly thinning out and his sentences … are becoming legit sentences.  It dawned on me that my days of cuddling him at will are fading fast.

So as JE finished his dinner, I put Cub on my lap, and kissed and rocked him many, many, many times.  He was pretty absorbed in watching a video, but occasionally, he’d lean over and press his cheek into my face so I could kiss him again.

Later, for Pup’s bedtime feed, I held him a little closer, too.

Before I know it, they’ll be men and no longer my rockable, kissable babies.

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