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Don’t forget that Cry.

JD preached yesterday at Gateway, and it was probably my first time being able to listen to a whole sermon on Sunday since Pup was born.  He preached about Jesus’ last moments on the cross and His cry of anguish at the cross.  My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?

Two things he mentioned that I don’t want to forget.

  • In His darkest moments, when God utterly abandoned Him, He still called God, “My God.”
  • And don’t forget that cry.  “Gateway Bible Church, don’t forget that cry.”  That cry of anguish was for us.  On our behalf.  For our redemption.  Yes, it was for God’s glory, but it was for us, too.

Grateful that the first sermon I heard in full post-Pup was one that focused so singularly on the gospel.  Found myself tearing up at parts as I paced slightly outside the doors with Pup sleeping in the carrier.  It’s been a while since the gospel cut me to the heart like that.

I need to see life and love people through the lens of the gospel.  I need to remember His deep love for me, for His people, for those who are still far off.  Because that cry of anguish was for love of His enemies.

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