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Dragging our feet to Heaven.

Today over dinner with my dad and JE, my dad wondered aloud, “We [believers] talk so much about Heaven and Paradise, but why are we so slow about wanting to get there?”

It stopped me in my tracks.

Do I drag my feet Heavenward?

If I believe what the Scriptures say about Heaven, why am I so loath to get there?  Why do I claw so at this world?  What one last earthly morsel would I rather savor than feast on the bounty of Heaven — namely, Jesus Christ Himself?

My heart is still so bound up with this world.  This world is more paradise to my affections than Heaven.  I can’t remember the last time I longed for Heaven out of a surpassing love for my Savior.  To see Him, to be with Him forever.

Jesus is better.  Jesus is better.  Do I believe it.

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