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Monterey getaway.

After dealing with heavy news during our last trip down south and anticipating a big move in our near future, I really longed to get away for a while, so we went to Monterey for a couple days this past weekend.

JE pointed out the ocean to me as we neared our destination, and as soon as I saw it, my heart kind of went ah.

But of course, the Terrible Twos and Thirties (I mean me, not JE — haha) still followed us there.  And by Terrible, I mean Sinful.

We had incredible fun.  Walking to the beach, snuggling with the kids, spending time with the Yus, putting the kids down for the night in the hotel room and then chatting over live jazz in the lounge, oo-ing and ah-ing at the aquarium.

But I was reminded that no earthly getaway will give us a getaway from sin or from our weariness from it.  Only Jesus can do that.

And He does.

And He will.

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