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Artist with an Agenda.

I was listening to Adele singing on YouTube tonight (long story, haha), and as she sang, I was thinking about how singers, painters, screenwriters, photographers, and other artists often push an agenda behind their work.  A cause, a worldview, an opinion.  And because of the beauty of their artistry, it pushes their agenda harder and further.

Their art is the arrow to which their agenda is tied.

And the thought came to me — as I continue to learn calligraphy and brush lettering, I want to be an artist with an agenda, too.  I want to tie my Agenda, my Cause, to the arrow of my art, so that Christ’s name and His gospel are pushed harder and further.  Not that He needs me.  Not that He needs art.  But just as a means of using everything He’s given me for His cause.

What is art worth if it doesn’t at least echo creation’s song of the Creator? (Psalm 19:1-4; Romans 1:20)

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