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Little boy affection.

These days, Cub will snuggle against me as I’m nursing Pup.  Especially first thing in the morning and before bed.  He’ll rest his head against my shoulder, and I’ll tousle his hair as Pup nurses.  Then he’ll whisper-talk to me in a really loud, shouted whisper.  And Pup will pause to listen for him every once in a while.

Cub will also stroke Pup’s hair or poke around his face with affection.  Pup responds by smiling at him or “talking” to him.  There’s no one else that can make Pup open up and “talk” so much.  Sometimes I hear them just laughing at each other.

Today, on our way back from the library, I leaned against the stroller to push it and stroked both their faces and talked to them.  Cub loves when I do this, and he wanted to hold my hand instead.  So I held his hand and stroked Pup’s face as I pushed them along and told them I loved them so much and prayed (silently) that they would grow to love each other.  And that they would love God.

And the whole time, Cub happy-squirmed as he held my hand.

That boy loves being loved.

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