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Missing appa.

Cub asked for JE a lot yesterday.  JE came home past Cub’s bedtime on Monday because of work and traffic, and he came home past Cub’s bedtime yesterday, too, because of a speaking engagement at Cal.

During the day, Cub would ask me, “Appa?  Appa?  See appa?”

And I’d respond, “Cub, do you miss appa?”

“Miss appa.”

“Appa is working.”

“No working?  Appa no working?”  He wanted appa to stop working and come home.

At one point, he went to the front door and tried to open it, so he could go out and look for appa.  I hugged him and since he didn’t go back to the front door, I thought he forgot about it.

Fast forward.

Last night around 4 in the morning, we woke to the sound of Cub rattling his door knob.  He had jumped out of his crib.

I wondered if he was sick or maybe he napped too long during the day … and JE went to quietly investigate so Cub wouldn’t wake Pup.

A few minutes later, JE came back into the room.

“What happened?  Why did he jump out of his crib?” I asked, getting up.

“So cute,” he smiled.  “Right when I opened the door, he looked at me and said, Hug, kiss, high-five?”  (Hug, kiss, high-five is their bedtime goodbye routine.)

He continued, “And after I hugged, kissed, and high-fived him, I told him he needed to go back to sleep.  So I carried him to his crib, and he wouldn’t let me go.  So I hugged him a little longer and then put him down.”

I looked at the monitor after he said this, and Cub was sleeping again.

“That’s all he wanted?”


“But how did he know you’d be home at this hour?  That’s really all he wanted?”  I couldn’t believe it.

As we settled to go back to sleep, I couldn’t help but say every once in a while, So cute.  How did he know?  That’s all he wanted?  So cute.



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