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Missing appa.

The missing appa saga continues.

JE was home for the long weekend, and Cub loved having our family all together.  He’d happy-squirm and go around saying, “Family!”

When he woke up on Monday morning, he asked for JE, but I told him, “Appa‘s working.”  And multiple times a day since, he’s asked for JE.

Whenever Cub asks for JE, I ask him, “Cub, you miss appa?”  And he leans his head against me and whispers, “Yes.”

The past few nights, JE has made it home just in time to tuck Cub into bed.  After putting him down, JE will come back down, and pretty much as soon as we sit down, we’ll hear a thunk! from upstairs, the pitter patter of little feet, and a wail.

JE will go upstairs, give Cub a meh-meh for jumping out of his crib (Cub knows the consequence), and come back down.

Then a few minutes later … another thunk!, pitter patter, wail, meh-meh.  Repeat everything.

Every time after his meh-meh, he’ll ask JE to hold him and give him another hug, kiss, and high-five.

Yesterday, it finally occurred to me that Cub was jumping out of his crib on purpose.

He knows jumping out of his crib will bring appa back upstairs.  And even though he knows jumping out of his crib will earn him a meh-meh, he’s willing to endure the meh-meh if it means a little more time with appa.

Cub hates meh-meh.  (Who doesn’t?)  But another hug from appa is worth the meh-meh to him.

Toddler love, why must you be so heart-wrenching?  Disobedience, why so adorable?

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