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Cuddles and silliness.

Cub has the warmest, sunniest room in our home.  So I took a nap on the couch in his room today while he played and Pup napped.  Over the course of the hour nap, I heard him come over a few times, peeping to see if I was really asleep.  He rubbed his cheek on my cheek a couple times and gave me kisses.

When I felt rested, I pulled him up with me and he actually stayed cuddled beside me for a good twenty minutes or so!  We were right under the window, so he talked to me about how he liked the yellow tassel on his blanket (“I like the yeyyo one”), the clouds in the sky, the cars on the street, the clock going tick tock tick tock, and the numbers from twenty-one to twenty-ten (thirty).  We had our typical, Umma?  Cub? Umma? I love you.  Umma?  Cub?  Hi! conversation, too.

Then he started this very boy game, where he rubbed his spit on his arm and rubbed it in my face.  It started as an accident, and when he realized it was funny and gross, he kept doing it to me.

So I did it back.

And so on.

Which reminds me, we both still need to wash our faces.

Bleh.  But I guess it doesn’t hurt to indulge his toddler humor once in a gross while.  Haha.  Love him.

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