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Looking and seeing.

A friend re-posted a video on Facebook today about an experiment in Singapore where loved ones were told to look into each other’s eyes for four minutes.  Husband and wife, father and daughter, mother and son, sister and sister, brother and sister.  And as the minutes passed, all became emotional.  It’d been so long since they’d really seen each other.  Since they’d stopped and really looked at one another.

It struck a chord with me today.  Especially since toddler mania lately has been driving me up the wall sometimes (read: way too many poop incidents!).

We go into his room and peek at him sleeping and kiss him every night, but it isn’t the same thing as looking at him while he’s awake and interacting with me.

So I took Cub and sat him in my lap and just looked at him for a long, long time.  And he didn’t know what to do with my complete, undivided attention.  He looked away, cuddled me, hugged me, let me kiss him, covered his face, laughed.

And I realized that my little baby lost his rolls and grew up so fast.

Even though two has been a rough age for us at times, let me treasure this little gift while he’s still my little boy.

While he still fits in my arms.

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