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Baby kiss.

Pup and Cub are starting to interact a lot more — and I’m having to correct Cub a lot more as a result.

Be kind to your brother.  Don’t push him.  Don’t snatch his toy away.  Share.  Play together.  Be gentle.

I began to feel like broken record this past week.

But this morning, Cub was being so affectionate with Pup before breakfast.  He was lying on the floor and letting Pup pat his head and play with his ears.

Then Pup leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the face.  It was the first time Pup kissed anyone unprompted.

Cub was a little surprised, but clearly touched.

“Awww, does Pup loves you?”

Still surprised and touching his cheek where Pup kissed him, he whispered, “Yes.”

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