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Cub turns 3.

Cub turned three yesterday.

I could never quite make out Cub’s personality until Pup came along.  There’s nothing like a contrasting personality to show me what makes Cub, Cub.

He’s very much like his appa.  Feels things deeply but struggles to express it in words.  I think it’ll be good for him to develop a creative outlet where he can learn to express himself in more ways than just words.

He’s an engineer, a problem-solver.  He loves to sing.  He’ll memorize whole songs and sing them all day long — no exaggeration.  I think he sings more than he speaks sometimes.  And our next-door neighbor who is ill and a “shut-in” loves to hear Cub singing in the backyard.  He analyzes Cub’s singing more than I do, and he told me the other day that he loves when Cub makes up songs to familiar tunes or mashes favorite songs together in new ways.

Maybe music will be Cub’s way of expressing his feelings without stumbling over his tongue.

Cub isn’t the most extroverted kid.  He loves the company of friends and loved ones, but he doesn’t always engage people directly.  I guess he’s kind of like me in that regard (I was never in the thick of little girl gangs growing up — always a little aloof, enjoyed engaging one-on-one or playing then retreating).  He loves the buzz of life and friendship around him, but he does life side-by-side a little more than face-to-face.  He loves hearing his friends playing and will often join in, but constant engagement in groups fatigues him.  Sometimes when we have lots of people over, I’ll find he disappeared into his room or ours and is quietly reading a book or recharging by snuggling with his monster blanket.

He’s also very affectionate.  He’ll often charge at me (I have to brace myself and make sure his head doesn’t ram into my stomach) and squeeze me, saying, “I’m proud of you!”  Haha.  And he loves his bedtime routine with appa, reading books together, hug-kiss-high-five, prayer, and good night kisses.  Around prayer time or good night kiss time, he asks for me, and we rub our noses together in an Eskimo kiss and then he gives me a real kiss.  He wasn’t the kind of baby that always wanted to be held or loved snuggles, but as he grows up, I’m realizing that while he needs his space to recharge, he also recharges by getting exclusive cuddle time with me.  Even though he declares he’s a Big Boy, he still loves when I rock him and hold him close as if he were a baby.

Two wasn’t the easiest year by any means.  But I found myself crying when I put Cub to bed on Friday night, the last night I’d kiss two-year old Cub.  I’m pretty sure JE was a little misty-eyed, too.

This little guy has stretched our hearts so much the past three years.  God help us to parent him faithfully while he is still ours, under our stewardship, in our home.

And welcome, Three.  May this be a year of Cub tasting more of the gospel that is the hope of his parents — and we pray, one day his, too.

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