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Pup turns 1.

Pup turned one last week.

For the first month of his life, he was our little pirate.  Whenever he closed his eyes — in sleep, in a yawn, in tears — and opened them again, one eye would always fail to open because his eyes were so little.  He outgrew that over time, but for a short while, we ARR-ed at him and kissed his little pirate lips.

His first nickname was “Ducky.”  Cub’s pronunciation of his name sounded like Ducky, so we called him Ducky for a bit.  He also had (still has) little protruding, pouting duck lips.  Hehe.

One of the first telling traits about him was that he would immediately stop crying as soon as one of us picked him up.  This was telling, because Cub always continued crying … or cried harder.  Pup was instantly comforted by our nearness.

He has communicative eyes.  They twinkle and dance and cry.  He blinks them hard to play his version of peek-a-boo.  He scrunches them with his nose to play with you.  And they disappear when he laughs.

Whereas Cub is methodical, Pup thrusts himself into a situation and learns as he goes.  Cub learned to go slowly, methodically, thoughtfully down the stairs backwards, but Pup’s version of going backwards down the stairs is more like tumbling backwards.  He also lunges headfirst off the couch to get the floor.  Even after flipping a somersault in the process, he kind of stares up from his back for a little while to see if he made it, and then he’s on his way.  It makes me nervous.  I better have Poison Control, 911, and his doctor’s office all on speed dial.

He knows what he wants.  And he will let you know.  Pup’s first Thanksgiving, he was only a little over 6 months, but after my mom sneaked him his first taste of cake, he was making all kinds of noise until she gave him another bite.  At age 1, he’s even more vocal and clear about what he wants.  He’ll mad-crawl over to me to be held, protest (read: scream, cry, holler) whenever I’m cooking or showering or am too far away, and laugh and throw himself into my arms.

He’s a clear, fast communicator.  He signs all done, more, please, bye-bye.  He laughs when you ask him for clarification and it’s the right thing.  Like, “You want water?” and he’ll jump, giggle, and laugh as if to say, “Yes!”

Last Sunday was his baby dedication at church, and it was also the first time he clapped and hollered during the praise set.

He shakes his little booty, shakes his head, and waves his hands when music comes on.  His favorite “toy” is our portable keyboard, and whenever Cub turns the classical music on (i.e., at least once every hour), Pup will laugh and dance.

We call him #puppykim, because he’s like our little puppy, wagging his tail, slobbering on everything, scampering about, making puppy noises, crawling into our laps, and quivering with excitement about life.

He also snuggles.  He buries his face into my neck or puts his head down on my shoulder and lets me sway him.

He’s a little people person, a little social butterfly.

Or — as JE best put it in Pup’s dedication prayer at church — he’s “affectionate and boisterous.”

We love him.  We pray his affections would one day find their home (and satisfaction) in Christ … and that he would be boisterous about his Savior and his Savior’s gospel. ♥

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