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Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop: Alameda

On a rainy day last month, 12 students and I gathered in a cozy room at Julie’s Tea and Coffee Garden in Alameda, CA, to brush letter.

We left the windows open as it pattered outside, drank tea with milk and sugar (heaps), and painted the afternoon away.

I’m grateful to Jessica of Blushing Joy Events who planned and designed the workshop.  She curated a talented group of vendors.


Olivia Richards photographed the workshop in such a friendly, natural way, that even the most camera-shy among us (hello, waving my hand — hehe) felt comfortable behind her lens.

Nari Lee provided soft touches of pink and periwinkle florals and greens.  They looked as if they’d been watercolored.

Aren’t these little mason jars from Natty Cakes adorable?  They had delicious strawberry shortcake inside.


And to top it all (literally), Jones and Posy created a beautiful paper flower halo to float over our heads as we worked.


We alternated between chatter, laughter, and focused silence.  I joked that it felt like a bridal shower, between the beautiful decorations and fun.  (We even had a bride-to-be or two among us!)  I enjoyed my first full length workshop so much.

After it was over, my home team shouted at my arrival (my boys), fed me (my husband), and gave me hugs and kisses (all three).

Can’t wait for my two workshops in Anaheim at the end of August.  (Sign-ups open tomorrow evening!)

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