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The boys had their 3 year and 1 year check-ups today.

Cub had to have three vials of blood drawn in order to check for some allergies, and he was so brave — in his 3 year old way.

They had to poke him and reposition the needle multiple times, and he whimpered a little to me that it was aiyah (Korean for hurt).  As they continued to jab and the pain continued, he started to whimper and panic a little, but I could see he was trying to hold it together.  He tried to stay still, waited patiently, and followed instructions.

After the blood was drawn, he accepted my treat in a daze, and we sat outside the medical offices with Pup, eating our lunch together at a picnic table.

As he ate his treat, his mind was elsewhere.  I think he was processing what just happened.  He zoned out for about 10 minutes, chewing here and there.

Suddenly, he turned to me, eyes full of tears, and said, “Aiyah … aiyah?”  It finally hit him: it was scary.  It hurt.  And he broke down.

So I held him and let him cry.

My brave little boy.

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