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Two-legged Pup.

Hehe, I realize the title of this post makes it sound like we have a two-legged dog at home … and in a way, we kind of do?

Pup is bipedal now.  He’s been taking little steps here and there, practicing balance, and step-lunging toward the couch or one of us.

But today, he took many, many steps.  Kind of out of nowhere.

The first time, he took 10 steps from the edge of the rug to the couch.  And the second time, he took a step toward Grandpa (my dad), pivoted, and then walked the rest of the way to JE on the couch.

I’m so proud of him, yet I was more sad than elated — hehe.  Mostly because I loved Pup’s baby, puppy-like stage so much … and this is one of the first signs that he’s growing up into a toddling boy.  Waaa.

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