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Gospel love at day’s end.

A couple days ago, I had a lousy day.  Nothing happened as I planned or wanted.  The littles were cranky, I was cranky.  I didn’t get to finish anything I started.  Except dinner.  But it wasn’t seasoned properly.

So many other to-dos weren’t even started.  Nothing was convenient or easy.

Then.  Finally.  The kids were down, our visiting family was out for a bit, and I had a moment of quiet to catch up on custom orders that needed to go out.

And finally something went my way that day.  The watercolor wash was exactly the way I envisioned.  The color, the strokes, the blending, the balance.

Big, satisfied sigh.

I cleaned my brushes, left the painting to dry on the kitchen counter, and put everything away.


Our visiting family came back home as I was brushing my teeth  — and plop!  A plastic bag of groceries was dropped right on top of my painting.

I gasped loudly — and then reassured them it was okay while frantically trying to salvage it.  But it was ruined.

Later, I complained to JE about my everything-gone-wrong day for a long time.

He listened patiently even though he was tired, but after I made a sour comment toward him, he left to go upstairs and sleep.  And I sat on the couch for about an hour, frustrated with myself and trying to get my heart back on track.

Near midnight, I turned off all the lights and felt my way up the stairs — only to find that JE had waited for me on the stairs.  Asleep, but still waiting for me.

It was a small thing, but after my ugly attitude and sour words, I thought he’d gone to bed as frustrated with me as I was.  But his gesture of love was so unexpected and undeserved that it was almost shocking to me.

Sinful?  Check.  Detestable?  Check.

But forgiven?  Check.

Loved?  Big, surprising check.

And nothing else from the day mattered anymore. ♥

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