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Hoping in God alone.

Thinking about our move to SoCal and the uncertainty of timing and living situation has troubled me a little lately.  But then I remembered a sermon I heard many years ago from John Piper about women who hope in God — and remembered a particular quote about how a woman who hopes in God preaches herself a sermon about His character.

I searched for the sermon online, and found it right away.  So I’m copying some quotes from it here for future reference:

… Women who hope in God are women who look away from the troubles and miseries and obstacles of life that seem to make the future bleak, and they focus their attention on the sovereign power and love of God who rules in heaven and does on earth whatever he pleases.

Holy women who hope in God take this promise of blessing through suffering, and they fight fear with the faithfulness of God — “Sarah considered him faithful who had promised” (Hebrews 11:11).

What is the one thing that a woman who hopes in God fears? She fears bringing dishonor on God. She fears that she may fail to glorify God under the rod of his hard providence. And how does she quiet her heart in the midst of that fear? She preaches herself a sermon about the character of God.

Esther Burr wrote, “At night when retired felt calmed with the thought that God would be Glorified . . . The ever blessed God will lose none of his glory, let men or Devils do their worst.

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