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My green jacket.

I’ve been feeling a little weak today, and I told JE how I missed my old green jacket.  I had it since the 5th grade and wore it whenever I was sick or needing extra warmth and comfort.  But I donated it a few months ago — kind of on a whim.

Ten minutes later, we heard Cub calling from the hallway, “I see umma‘s green jacket!” (A different one, but he didn’t know)

“I can’t reach it!” he said, as he tried jumping up to unhook it from the door.

JE helped him take it down, and triumphant, he brought it to me on the couch.  “Here you go, umma!  Your green jacket!”

I thanked him and hugged it, my heart melting.  And he smiled and watched me enjoy my green jacket.

Such a small gesture, but a glimpse of his growing thoughtfulness lately.  An evidence of grace. ♥


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