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Little love languages.

Cub is a boy of Eskimo kisses, snuggles, and leg squeezes (where he wraps his arms around my legs and squeezes me).  He can be pretty tumbleweed when he wants, but for the most part, his expression of love is very thoughtful, cuddly, and … orderly.  Like before bed, he always gives me a hug, kiss, high-five, and Eskimo kiss.  Then he says, “Good night!  Good night to umma!”  Always in that order.  He may sneak out later to ask for another “tuck in,” but for the most part, his affection channels out through his little systems.

Pup is a baby boy of yells, squeals, and full-on body lunges.  He throws his whole little frame at me to give me hugs — and his expression of love requires every ounce of his little body.  (I guess his happy body jerks as a baby were a prelude to this.)  He’s in a less snuggly stage right now, but when he’s in the mood to snuggle, he snuggles real tight.  Arms wrapped around tightly, his head putting down roots in your shoulder.

I love them so much.

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