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Sacred work.

“Write upon the doors of thy shop and chamber, … This is the time on which my endless life dependeth.”

Richard Baxton

Reminded today about how the Puritans approached work.  Any work.

To them, the only work worth doing wasn’t obviously “sacred” work.  Secular work, too, could be sacred when consecrated to God and done for His glory and gospel.

They believed that it isn’t so much the work at hand but the heart doing the work that makes the difference.  So whether I’m changing diapers, cleaning, doing calligraphy, or anything, I can still have “heavenly affections” in “earthly employments” (Thomas Gouge).

I’m still wrestling with this in real life though.

I still wonder if what I’m doing now is as significant as what I originally wanted to do with this season of my life (Bible translation).

But what can I say?  His hand has surely led me in this way.  And maybe it was done so that I wouldn’t glory so much in my vocation as in my God.

So whether it be through learning a new language and preaching the gospel that way … or learning calligraphy and preaching the gospel that way … or learning to care better for my family and preaching the gospel that way … in all ways, let me be completely given to “testify to the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24).

If I don’t find eternity so obviously in my work, let me bring eternity to my work … through my worship, trusting in God’s redeeming power.

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