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Morning cuddles and scampers.

Now that Pup is older and able to communicate more (some words but mostly via babbling and gestures and facial expressions), he and Cub are becoming slow but sure friends.  According to Cub, a brother is still different from friends, but I assume (pray) that line will gently blur over time.

Last week, I told Cub to go wake Pup while I was still in bed, and he opened Pup’s (walk-in closet) door and greeted Pup.  Then I heard him ask, “May I come in?”  and he climbed into Pup’s crib.  They cuddled side by side, laughing and making puppy noises.  I watched in the monitor, and Pup cuddled his head by Cub and gave him a little kiss.  Then Cub called out to me, “Umma!  Pup loves me!”

Since then, Cub will climb into Pup’s crib in the morning and they’ll play and give random cuddles before we start the day.

They also scamper up and down the stairs to play together.  “Pup, come downstairs with me!”  “Come up with me, Pup!”

A little less fighting, a little more playing.

Although of course as soon as I write that, I hear Pup screaming on the stairs.  Haha. Bye!

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