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Not too long ago, I wrote about how punctured my friendships felt.  And looking back, I rightly assessed that this was more reflective of my dismal perception and a season of spiritual dryness than my horizontal friendships themselves.  Maybe these things are easier to perceive when I’m not battling postpartum depression or the hormonal, emotional tumult that weaning throws me into.

I’m thankful for the friends God has placed in my life.  I thought I had entered a season where new, really meaningful friendships had little soil to flourish … but I was wrong.  Even in the midst of a season with two small children and transportation only twice a week (hehe), God has provided so many rich, meaningful friendships in my life and such a variety.

JE — and as he reminded me, in this relationship alone is so much fodder and joy.  College friends who have grown and continued with me through many changes and challenges.  Friends with whom I can share the joys and headaches of motherhood and homeschool our kids together.  Sisters of all ages at church, especially the ones who regularly fellowship with our family at the dinner table.  Sisters God has given me in the calligraphy world — once categorized separately in my mind from “real life friends,” but now “real life,” dear friends.  Neighbors who peep in, share their lives, and love on our boys.  And so many more, especially those of the household of faith.

I suppose Misery will always refuse to see the abundance of God.  But I’ve been blessed in this season, so that I’m not alone.  And even if I ever were, still, what a Friend in Jesus.  And even if friends should ebb and flow, to find my full satisfaction in Him and then to simply love my friends.

I don’t need a single, tight-knit group that on which I can lean and say, “Ah, this is my net of safety in this rough world.”  Or I don’t need one single friend on whom I can lean and say, “Ah, this is at least one friend I can depend on.”

Even better, blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!  I have so much in Christ — and abundantly even beyond that, that He gives me.  And even if every additional blessing was taken away, hallelujah, all I have is Christ.  In a real way.

On the car ride back from the last pen meet, when Nina, Younghae, and Grace were staying over at our home for the weekend, Nina shared about how God is a God of abundance.  He isn’t a God with meager supply who has a limited amount of good He can dole out to different people.  He’s a God of abundance who has and is everything.

And He gives us Himself.  Every other friendship and relationship beyond that is just another drop in our overflowing buckets.

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