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Em’s sketchbook.

I flipped through my friend’s son’s sketchbook today.  He’s five in a few months, but the level of detail and movement in his drawings impressed me so much.  He was sitting right next to me, cutting out a horse he drew, fielding my many questions.

Three things I took away from time spent with this little artist:

  1. When we draw or write, we draw or write a part of ourselves onto the page.  The direction the animals or creatures were looking, the things they were doing, the emotions on their faces — all of these were choices he made.  And I felt like I learned something about him as I looked at his drawings.
  2. What a blessing it is to have parents who will lovingly invest in art supplies and gently nurture the gifts God has given him.  First, to have parents who notice this interest, and second, that they would coax this talent out from him.
  3. There’s a freedom of imagination and art that children have, that sometimes gets lost as they grow up.  I don’t think it’s anything very mystical.  Personally, I think a good lot of it has to do with safety.  When a person, a society even, feels safe, the arts flourish.  So in some way, as much as art expresses a person, it also expresses a person’s environment.

I loved the ten minutes spent with him today.  Praying God would continue to grow him and fan into flame the gifts He’s given him — one of which is clearly art.  But most importantly, that he, like I pray for my sons, would love and trust Jesus — the greatest gift — and lay all gifts at His feet, in His service.

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