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I’ve been in high nesting mode lately (no, I’m not pregnant — haha).  I’m not sure why.  Maybe preparation for the winter months when we’ll be holed up in our little home, or maybe now that we’re homeschooling, or maybe after five years of marriage, I’m finally taking ownership of our home.

We don’t know how much longer we’ll be here — likely only ’til the spring — but whether we’re here for one more month or several more months, I want our home to be a cheerful, cozy place.  (I’m working on the clean part …)

It’s not worth any kind of intense investment since we’re renting and we are planning to move soon, but a little investment, a little care goes a long way, I think.  Especially when we spend so much time here with each other and others we invite in.

But, with that said, the warmth of a home is not in her furnishings or arrangements.  The charm of a home is her people.  And — am I right to say this? — especially the wife and mother’s disposition.  Tempestuous mama, tumultuous home.  Faithful mama, flourishing home.  Not always, of course, but the reigning woman makes big waves in her home.

So God give me a heart of love and grace to adorn my home with Christ and His gospel.  May my home — our home — be a haven where the gospel is not only heard but seen.

And let that begin with me.  (Read: Control that tempest.)  (By His grace.)

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