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Conversations with a friend.

A friend came to spend time with us today.  We only hang out once in a long while, but she’s a friend whose insight I’ve come to value.  She’s always analyzing and wondering and observing.  Just a few things from our conversations together that I want to remember:

  1. She noted one major difference in JE’s and my discipline methods with the kids.  Pace.  JE is more slow-paced in his reactions and his tone.  And it gives the kids time to fear (in a good way) and process what happened.  JE also ends up expending less energy.  I tend to work a fast pace, which may not be the pace my kids work at.  Particularly Cub.  Slow down a little.

  2. It’s important to balance teaching with living.  More will be caught than taught.  And perhaps a mother who lives and breathes the gospel will do more in teaching her children the gospel (particularly at this age) than a mother who teaches the gospel but neglects her own soul and living the gospel.
  3. Prayer.  Maybe the more a believer matures, the slower they are to teach others … and quicker to pray.  Because it’s there that we meet with God, humble our hearts, and ask Him to work powerfully.  May I not neglect to pray.
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