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When I cry.

After JE and I reconciled after a particularly heated exchange yesterday, I cried.  Hard.  In front of my kids.

JE was holding me as I was crying.

Pup was so miserable to see me cry, he kept making this wretched cry face, whimpering and trying to get me to hold him and lightly batting at me (like “stop it! whimper whimper. stop it!”).  Cub never reacted to my crying in obvious ways when he was this young, so I was a little surprised at Pup’s agitation.

Cub was all mush.  At first he put his favorite toy in my hand and asked if I wanted to play with it.  Then he thought I might like the hotel’s TV remote.  Then he just wrapped his arms around me, pressed his head against me, and said, “I love you, umma.  Don’t cry.”  Then he ran to get me tissues.  And he kept hugging me and reassuring me.

It was a redeeming moment for JE and me, but it was also a sweet moment for me as all three men (big and little) in my fam were trying (in their own way) to comfort me.

JE has a full quiver … and I have a full, grateful heart.

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