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Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop: San Carlos

San Carlos has always been a special place for me.  It was in San Carlos that JE first told me that he wanted to marry me.  It wasn’t the official proposal, but it was a significant conversation that followed months of uncertainty.  And right in front of Cowabunga Creamery — cowabunga! 😉

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when Mints and Honey contacted me to collaborate with them and host a workshop in their adorable space!  San Carlos, Mints and Honey?  Yes!

So together with Mints and Honey, Nathalie Cheng Photography, Bloomwell and Co, and Sakura of America, we hosted a bright workshop with a touch of winter forest.


Really, we didn’t have to do much.  Mints and Honey is already full of natural light, white + cheery colors, and adorable props.  It’s my favorite workshop venue to date, eight workshops later!  Dot and Canna are wonderful to work with.


And with all the natural light, I’m so glad Nathalie chose to use film photography.  Film + her photography eye gave a mix of soft, natural, and dreamy.  (Quite like her personality.)  I’ve worked with a number of vendors this past year, and she is one of the kindest women you can meet in the wedding and event industry.  Her love for Christ brims over into her photography business and her warmth toward people.

I didn’t even notice she took this photo of me setting up.  Here, I’m laying out the water brushes that were so generously donated to my students by Sakura of America.

Sakura also gave us some really fun door prizes.  The winners were the students who could give me an accurate definition of certain calligraphy terms without looking at the page in my instruction guide.

I think counter and miniscule were a couple of the words I had them define?  They did a great job!

Allie from Bloomwell and Co also worked her magic on these hanging wreaths.  It gave just the right touch of winter forest, balancing above the long tables where my students worked.  She took my general vision and “elevated it,” as Gordon Ramsey of MasterChef fame might say. 🙂


She made a wall of various winter greens, too.  I loved the little berry bunches in there!  Reminded me of the berry bushes in my neighborhood.  They bear “fruit” only in the winter (this could be the beginnings of a beautiful analogy).


A student from my San Jose workshop even signed up again for this workshop!  She wanted another three hours of brush-up (no pun intended, hehe) and practice.  I was so happy to see how much she had progressed!  Plus it was like seeing an old friend again.

I’ll be taking a little break from workshops for the next couple months, as we pack, move to southern California, and look for a permanent home there.  But I’m looking forward to teaching more workshops in 2017.

In and of itself, lettering isn’t anything that carries eternal significance, but the people who come to them come with immortal souls.  That’s something I hope to never take lightly.

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