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The week before Christmas.

This may be one of the most eventful weeks before Christmas (and month before moving) I’ve ever had.

Our dishwasher overflowed (a clog).  Our washer overflowed (it broke) and flooded the closet where the washer sits.  A car hit my car (I was driving my mom’s car) while I was waiting for a parking spot at Trader Joe’s.  Minor accident, slight whiplash, the lady thankfully accepted full responsibility.

And then today, while we were at a family get-together at JE’s grandma’s house, I accidentally dislocated Pup’s elbow while playing with him and tossing him in the air.  He was crying so frantically and we couldn’t figure out what happened.  I was in a cold sweat between worry for him and major mama guilt.  He kept touching his wrist, so I thought it was broken.  We put a splint on it and took him to the hospital.  The first hospital was a small one and the wait would have been very, very long.  So we left and went to a larger hospital.  I’m grateful they were able to see him right away.  His elbow had self-corrected sometime between Grandma’s and the second hospital, so we were able to just give him pain medications and go back to Grandma’s.

Whew!  Week before Christmas 2016, I’m done with you!

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