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Missing loved ones.

Last night on the way home from visiting with his cousins, Cub asked me out of the blue, “Umma, can we go to CV?”

I asked him, “Awww, why, Cub?”

“I miss my friends.  William and Elise and Landon.”

Of course he’d miss them.  Friends from the womb.  We saw each other at least twice a week almost from the time they were born between book study, play dates, and church.

And then Pup started calling to me, “Umma! Umma! Umma!”



“Pup, you miss Harabuji?”

“Mm.” (How he’s been saying yes lately.)

He’s been waking up asking for Halmuni and Harabuji (my parents) and saying their names throughout his play times.

Makes my heart ache, though I know God has us down here for a very good reason.


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