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We’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach lately.  Twice in the past three days, and I want to go back again this weekend.

I’m still sad we moved away from friends, family, and church family, but I’m grateful we moved closer to the ocean, even if we had to move a few hundred miles south to do it.

In day to day life, it’s easy to make so much of ourselves.  In the smallness of our sights and our every day living, self can appear to be quite big.  Our chests swell with what we think is our bigness.

But face to face with the ocean, with the constant call of general revelation and the heavens and oceans declaring His glory, we begin to taste our rightful size.  Small.  Very small.  Teeny tiny.

JE says something about our kids when they’re outdoors.  About how they are quieter, how they behave better, how they generally complain less.  And he hypothesizes that it has something to do with getting lost in something greater than themselves.  At home, self seems big, but outside, self is suddenly small.

I feel schooled by the ocean lately, too.  And hand in hand with Scripture and formal teaching, I hope to take my boys to the ocean often, so they can also learn at the feet of the ocean — and with Scripture’s help, hear clearly what it has to say about them and their Maker.

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