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Child of divorce, do not fear marriage.

An excerpt from an article I wrote for Desiring God, Child of Divorce, Do Not Fear Marriage:

The gospel defines you more deeply than earthly roots and the generational merits or sins that come with your family name, because God is effectively conforming you into the image of his Son (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18). Thicker and purer than the blood that binds you to your earthly family is the blood of Christ, spilled for your redemption.

1,000 words is very little space to speak to the fears and pains a child of divorce might face in this situation — and words apart from a warm person speaking them, pressing your hands, weeping with you, can come across as a cold bandaid slap on a wound.  But inasmuch as a stranger’s words can speak to your fears, I pray these words give comfort to anyone who walks the same path I did.

Every child of divorce experiences their fears or pain differently, but if you find your experience shaping to be like mine, I pray these words from my heart, reaped from deep pain, would minister to your heart.

P.S. And if it wasn’t clear, the point of my article is to battle the lies in children’s hearts as a result of parental divorce, not to blame parents or condemn all divorces.  May God bless not only the children of divorce but the parents as well — deeply. ♥

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