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Tummy ache.

Kit (short for Kitten; my nickname for her on this blog) is two next month. Lately, she’s been coming to me with various “tummy aches.” A couple weeks ago, it was on her chin; last week, on her hand. This morning, she came to me with a new pain.

Umma, have tummy ache.”

“You do, where?”

She limped to the couch, propped her foot up, and began patting it. “Here.”

Once I rubbed her “tummy ache” away, she was eager to play again and ran off.

A silly story but dear to me. It made me wonder how many times I go to my Father with a “tummy ache,” misdiagnosing my heart and pains, and how He kindly comforts me but also, like a good Physician, heals me where I’m truly broken.

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