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Genesis 18:25.

Her: Abba, she’s gone …

Her Father, somberly: Yes, child.

Her: But how? How could she die so suddenly? She was so full of life.

Her Father: Dear one, I numbered her days without mistake.

Her: But did she know You? At the end — did she?

Her Father, gently: If you never know in this life, can you entrust this secret thing to Me?

Her: Then I’m to have no comforting answer?

Her Father, softly: Precious child, shall not the Judge of all the earth do what is just?

Lamentations 3:26.

Wrote this ten years ago, and it seems I’m still learning the same lesson in a deeper shade ten years later.

Her Father: Child, child, slow down.

Her, flying about: I’m sorry, Father, I haven’t the time!

Her Father: Child, the tortured soul will find no rest by running to and fro as you do.  Be still, My child.  Be still, and fight your battles in prayer and in silence.

Her: But I have, I have!  I’ve prayed and prayed —

Her Father: — and have not quietly waited on Me.